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H2O : Not why, but how


I'm sure you have heard ad nauseaum

about the reasons why you should drink more water.

So, I'm not here just to repeat what you have already been told a thousand times before.

What I am going to do is tell you HOW to manipulate your environment to get you to drink more water without conscious thought.

How to drink more water(without thinking about it):

1. Buy a water bottle you like, even splurge a little. --

  • the habit is more likely to stick

2. Put a straw in it (or buy a bottle with a straw) -- you'll drink more.

3. Always have your water bottle within arm's reach.

4. As soon as you finish the bottle fill it up right away (not when you are thirsty again.)

If it's there, you'll consume it, if not, you won't.

5. Never leave to the house without it.

6. Say it out loud, "Phone, keys, wallet, water bottle."

  • Saying things out lout is a forgetfulness hack. You can use this strategy with just about anything if you are always forgetting things, ie. leaving a restaurant, getting out of your car, etc.

8. Place water bottles around your house in common locations as a visual cue and easy access.

9. Add flavoring, ie. Mio

10. Spice it up with fizzy waters (if you like carbonation. If you don't then ignore this one.)

Reverse the goal

Instead of trying to get a certain number of ounces each day, just keep track of what you do drink.

Then the next day try to match that or increase it.

Do this every day. BOOM.💥


Go grab your water bottle and start now.


"Every habit is initiate by a cue, and we are more likely to notice cues that stand out."

-Author James Clear

Atomic Habits


Additional services:


Stay consistent.

Trust the process.


^ don't hesitate to shoot me an email!

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