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Food as fuel: cognitive reframing (and a promo code)

One of the biggest challenges to losing weight can be tied to how we think about food. When starting a diet, first first thing we normally do is tell ourselves that we can’t have this or that. No more cookies, ice cream, French fries, soda, etc. What this does is put a negative connotation in our brains about these foods as if they are bad. If any of you were ever teenagers, you know that feeling when your parents told you you couldn’t do something, it just made you want

H2O : Not why, but how

I'm sure you have heard ad nauseaum about the reasons why you should drink more water. So, I'm not here just to repeat what you have already been told a thousand times before. What I am going to do is tell you HOW to manipulate your environment to get you to drink more water without conscious thought. How to drink more water(without thinking about it): 1. Buy a water bottle you like, even splurge a little. -- the habit is more likely to stick 2. Put a straw in it (or buy a b

Quarantine Day 2 and more

Great news! COVID-19 negative results. But quarantine is still in effect. Per guidelines, I still have symptoms so isolation until further notice. Again, making the most of each day. And thank goodness for grocery delivery - I challenge you to think of a goal, big or small. In order to achieve this goal, it starts with behavior change. To change your behavior, you need to change your identity. What do I mean about changing your identity? (Sounds scary and maybe impossible, bu

What gets measured, gets improved.

Examples: Speed. Weight. Lifting heavy things. But lets talk about weight. Ever lost weight just to gain it back? Yeah, me too. (insert boxes of donuts) As counter intuitive as it may sound, the individuals who weigh themselves daily are more likely to keep weight off. They become more self aware of their food choices and daily movement habits when there is a daily reminder. And if they do see the scale creeping up and adjustments can be made before the gain escalates. WIN. S

On the daily

The skinny As I walked on the treadmill this morning, I read. First win: I didn't trip. Second win: Holy motivational book! I started Atomic Habits by James Clear; I'm only 30 pages in but it has already made me think more than any other book ever has. Every other line is a nugget. of. gold. Here's something that stuck out: Bamboo is barely noticeable for the first five years while it develops its root system. Then, in six weeks, it grows over 9 feet! The a

Give it all you got

I can’t imagine a better way to start the week than crushing #burnbootcamp strength and conditioning test, finishing out the workout with The 300, then going on a 4mi run 🏃🏼‍♀️ 😃 To be completely honest, the last time I did the SAC test, I thought I was going to die afterward. So, to be completely honest, I really wasn't looking forward to doing this again. But I put my head down and gave it everything I had, just like everything else in my life. I finished the test almost

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