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Sarah Silber, UESCA Run Coach, NASM CPT

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Coaching Details:

I have coached many clients through breakthroughs with a personalized approach to training. Whether you want to improve your speed or tackle a new distance, having a coach take the time to build a plan specific to you and your goals is one of the best investments you can give yourself. 

With coaching, you will receive a fully personalized breakdown each week through a free app called Final Surge (similar to Training Peaks--but better in my opinion.) With this app, I will upload your runs and various workout specifically designed for you on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. I will have access to see all of your runs, paces, workouts and will build your plan according to your data and feedback. We can make modifications to your plan at anytime for any reason (sickness or when something gets in the way.) You will have unlimited communication with me via texting and email for questions. 

Coaching rates:

Monthly: $120+tax

(PayPal Subscription)

Fill out the form below to get started started on your journey to achieving you big dreams. 

You have the option to select what you feel best fits your needs. If you have any questions or would like my recommendation on what would suit your needs best, please don't hesitate email me at

I look forward to working with you.


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45 minute Zoom Call with Sarah

If you aren't looking for a full time coach, but would still like advice, Sarah offers 45 minute Zoom calls to go over any of your training questions. She will also help you calculate your heart rate training zones to optimize your time in training for your next race.

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45 minute Zoom Call with Sarah

If you are looking from guidance on eating to optimize performance, losing weight, gaining muscle, getting toned, Sarah can help set you up for success. She'll calculate your macronutrients and emphasize what to aim your focus on. After the call, Sarah will type up a report about all the topics covered so during the call can be stress free. Sarah's Nutrition 101 ebook is also included with purchase.

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