Beach Run


I take the time to get to know you, your running and athletic background and build a detailed plan tailored to you to help you have a successful, goal achieving race. You will receive a PDF of the weekly miles and breakdown of your runs day by day. You will also receive a Running Form PDF of tips to be able to apply to your running immediately to improve your running economy and performance. Once I have sent you your plan, we will set up and 15min call to go over any questions you may have before getting started (this call is optional, you may choose to opt out of the call if you choose.) Pricing breakdown in below. To get started, fill out the form in the link below. 



Marathon + strength training


Half marathon


Half marathon + strength training


5k or 10k


5k or 10k + strength training


Athletic Women


These are plans that are ready for purchase. I have created a library of training plans that could be used by anyone, from 5k to marathon distance. The plans are purchased through an app/website called Final Surge. Each run/workout will be available to you in the app, and you will receive a daily email reminder of what is scheduled for that day. 

Check out what is available by clicking the link below.