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National Protein Day 🥛


(That glass of milk was the best I could come up with 😂)

❓What is protein and why is it important for athletes? (Yes, you, you are an athlete.)

❇️Protein in its most broken down form is are made of amino acids (AAs.) AAs link together to build up and repair damage cause by workouts, i.e. running, cycling, weightlifting, etc. This is how you get stronger from your workouts. 💪🏼🚂

❇️The workouts themselves, by definition, make you weaker because of the muscular breakdown it causes. Where you get stronger is in the repair process (🤯).

❇️The human body is a magical thing, it will repair itself more than it was damaged—but only if it has the right building blocks (AAs) to do so.. That being said, it is extremely important to give your body the protein it needs in order reap the full benefits of all the work you put in.

❗️(FUN FACT: Your entire body is made up protein: skin, hair, nails, organs, muscles, especially your muscles. So getting protein everyday (even on rest days) is extremely important)

Where to get your protein:

Best place to get protein throughout the day are your food sources:

❇️Lean meat

❇️Imitation meat (for the vegetarians like me)



❇️Brown rice/quinoa

❇️Greek yogurt (every night as a bedtime snack, 15g 😊)

Best for a post-workout setting:

❇️ Whey protein isolate (low temperature processed)

(There are countless peer review articles support this statement, Google Scholar: protein intake recommendations athletes)

What I take personally:

❇️ 1stphorm Phormula-1

(excuse their crazy names 😆, but they are one of the best quality proteins on the market, hence why I use them)

It doesn’t matter what you take, just take something. If you are interested in trying Phormula-1 for yourself, here is a link to check it out.


May the gain train hit you hard 💪🏼🚂

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