Train smart - tread isn't always best

10miles + 2miles . Long run/tempo miles today. I opted for the treadmill today due to the weather. I was planning on 12mi with 7 of them tempo, ended up doing 10mi, 6 tempo, and opted for the elliptical for the last two. My body isn’t used to the pounding the treadmill causes, and I could start to feel it. To prevent injury, I hopped on the elliptical, and you know what? I’m still just as strong of a runner for doing so. The strongest among us know when to take a step back! 👊🏼 . I attempted legs after the run, got done with RDLs and Sumo squats and decided that food was more important. 😂 Plus, it was noon and I hadn’t eat yet today.. even before those 12mi—do not recommend. . 12mi total 10mi + 2mi

Pre-workout: Strawberry kiwi - 1st Phorm Durning run: Blueberry BCAAs - 1st Phorm Post-workout: Chocolate protein + Ignition - 1st Phorm

How are you recovering?👇🏼


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