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Running with the weather

It's hard to know what to wear when the weather isn't 65 degrees and sunny. ☀️

Below I have covered some main points and included a pictorial to help you dress for success! (Aka: staying safe while running outdoors)

Type of fabric matters

Your base layer should be moisture wicking to evaporate sweat and keep you dry. Any layers not directly touching your skin is your choosing, but the layers your skin must have the ability to dry quickly. This is especially important in colder conditions for to keep your body temperature at a safe level.

Smart wool

Wool is a great base layer to keep you warm. Not the thick, scratchy kind--there are running specific wool base layers that are fantastic at keeping you both warm and dry.

First 10 minutes

It's okay to feel a bit chilled in the first 10 minutes of your run, it takes a little time for your body to warm up. If you are still feeling cold after 10 minutes of running, it could mean you are under dressed for the conditions and should think about turning back to add another layer or two.

Gloves or mittens?

Personally, I am a mittens type of gal. I find when I wear gloves, I take my fingers out of their homes and into the palm area of the glove because my fingers get too cold. Keeping my fingers touching one another seems to keep them warmer.

Image: Google Images - what to wear running

Time of day awareness

Be sure to look at the hourly forecast of the time you are going to be running rather than the high for the day. If you are a morning or evening runner, the temperatures can be drastically different from the high so keeping in mind time of day-- and plan your clothing accordingly.

Athletic fabric

As the temperatures get warmer throughout the spring and into the summer, light-weight, moisture wicking, athletic material will help keep you cool. Cotton traps in your body heat and can also cause painful rubbing of the skin known as chaffing. Chaffing also occurs when there is repeated skin-on-skin contact (inner thighs, armpits, etc) so specific running tights/shorts are extremely beneficial for both staying cool and chafe-free.

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