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As I walked on the treadmill this morning, I read. First win: I didn't trip. Second win: Holy motivational book! I started Atomic Habits by James Clear; I'm only 30 pages in but it has already made me think more than any other book ever has. Every other line is a nugget. of. gold. Here's something that stuck out: Bamboo is barely noticeable for the first five years while it develops its root system. Then, in six weeks, it grows over 9 feet! The analogy: You are the bamboo plant. Root system = your daily habits Bamboo shoot = your goals coming to fruition. Figure out what your goal is. Come up with a system to get you there. Then do it everyday. All the little things you do consistently "on the daily" may not be unnoticeable. Slight changes, small improvements. These unnoticeable changes/habits add up over time, they compound into a new reality. Stay consistent. Keep going. Trust the process. #keepshowingup Sarah


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