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Kettlebell Leg Workout

I wanted to provide a solid leg workout you can save for later, and keep coming back to in the future. Below is a breakdown of the exercises and how to perform them properly. I put together a YouTube video posted on my channel that breaks the workout down for you visually.

I hope you enjoy this workout!


3 EXERCISES :: 5 ROUNDS (one right into the next exercise, 90sec rest between sets)

  • 20 Russian dead lifts

  • 20 Sumo squats

  • 12ea split squats


Dropset (do as may reps as you can complete w/o breaking form, then drop weight and continue with air squats until failure)

  • Banded and weighted squats

  • Banded air squats (my face in the video on these 🤣 in the pain cave)


Russian Deadlifts:

↳keep back flat, slight bend in the knee, feel small stretch in hamstring, slow on the way down, faster on the way up


Sumo Squats:

↳keep pelvis tucked under, toes pointing outward, knees track toward toes, engage the glutes to stand up, slow on the way down, faster on the way up


Split squat:

↳hips/legs/feet placed like standing on a railroad track, imagine when legs are straight, there is a straight, imaginary line from the back foot to top of


Squat finisher:

↳press knees outward against band, sit back on your heals, chest tall


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