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Cable Machine Arm Burnout

This workout will leave your arms feeling 🔥 💪🏼

With only 3 exercises and 1 minute of rest between each, you will get a quick and efficient workout that will leave you feeling accomplished.

Check out the YouTube video and details below.




Start with 10 reps, increase by 5 each round, decrease the weight.

10 reps = strength/hypertrophy

25 reps = endurance

Rest 1min between exercises


Exercise 1️⃣: Bicep curl

Exercise 2️⃣: Tricep extension

Exercise 3️⃣: Straight arm lat pull-down


Bicep curl:

↳Keep elbows into sides of body, hands in underhand position, core engaged, knees slightly bent, slowly lower to starting position


Tricep extension:

↳Elbows stay pressed into sides of body, hands in overhand position, push down on bar, slowly letting elbows bend back to starting position


Straight arm lat pull-down:

↳Slight bend at the hips, keeping arms straight, push bar down in overhand position, slowly let arms raise back to starting position


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